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Home and Pet Care

We are immediately available to service all rural Darwin areas as well as all of Palmerston and parts of the city - including Defence Berrimah and the RAAF base.

Depending on your needs, a typical arrangement involves one or two visits to your home and pets daily. We do our best to visit at your preferred feeding time to maintain a routine and during a visit we'll cover all of the listed services according to your service agreement. 

Home owners usually ask us to feed, water, exercise and medicate their animals - this includes refreshing waters and food, cleaning up cages / kennels and generally checking on their welfare. We have cared for an amazing array of different animals - large stock animals such as horses, cattle, donkeys and pigs are regular customers, as are snakes, crocodiles, bunnies, guinea pigs and birds, not to mention the regular dogs and cats, chooks, geese, guinea fowl and turkeys of course! We also cover animals that need slightly more specialised care - reptiles, fish, both salt and freshwater aquariums - we even milk the goats for one regular customer! 

An exercise period for the animals is an included service if so desired - dogs especially, soon look forward to their daily stretch with our carers.

During the dry season, we find that garden plants and lawns need about as much care as the animals - we are very familiar with most irrigation and retic systems and a session with a hose on the pot plants certainly doesn't add to the cost!

In the wet, we watch over electricity supplies, restore them when they go down after storms, and whip out the chainsaw if a tree happens to go down, or mend a broken fence if necessary - you'll always be able to get back home when you intend to! In the event of a cyclone approaching we make sure the animals are secure beforehand and we are quickly back on the scene afterwards to make sure they are OK and clear any debris that may be hindering access.

We work closely with all of the local vets - In the event your animal requires veterinary attention, we will liaise with your preferred vet and ensure the animal receives the treatment that it requires - there is no extra charge for this important service, and we include transferring the animal to and from the vet if required.

Rubbish removal (bins out and in) is included and we are able to bring in mail from the box or collect it from your local Post Office, we can forward or store it as necessary if that's needed.

Since many flights into Darwin arrive in the wee hours, we'll stock in any needs for your fridge - milk, bread, fruit etc so that you'll have the basics already at home waiting for you.

We are also happy to quote for additional garden care services, such as mowing, trimming, green waste removal etc. Feel free to have a chat about this when you make contact.

While you are away we'll keep you informed by SMS or email, just so that you can relax in the knowledge that we are on the scene and that all is well.

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