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How it Works

If you are planning a trip away, and either can't find space in a kennel, or would simply prefer to have your animals stay at home - or happen to have stock animals that you just can't take to a kennel, such as Pigs, Horses, Cattle and so on - then please contact us. We'll give you a full introduction to our services on the phone or by email - if you like what you hear, we'll ask you to complete a comprehensive service agreement which will serve both as our instruction manual, and our contract with you - it will include all of the important information we need to make sure we can do the job while taking away any need to hassle you during your trip away. Before you leave we'll visit you for an introduction to your animals, your property and to ourselves, at no cost. We'll go through your routine with you, collect keys, learn the layout and receive any final instructions before you go. You can satisfy yourself that everything is covered, and then head on out with peace of mind - no worries!


Even a Banteng bull - we manage them all!

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